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Covid-19 Level 5 – Guidance for Parishes (effective from 24th December 2020)

1. Churches are permitted to remain open for private prayer with appropriate cleaning, sanitising and social distancing.
2. As and from midnight on 25th of December 2020, there is to be no public Celebration of Mass or other Religious Services. People are invited to join spiritually in Mass and other Religious Services from their homes by means of the parish radio, webcam or through television and radio broadcasts.
3. As and from midnight on 25th December 2020 Outdoor/ Carpark Masses should not take place. This is in accordance with the norms for organised outdoor gatherings.
4. Funerals should be conducted in accordance with the safety guidance in “Nothing can Separate us from the Love of God” with a maximum of 10 mourners present from midnight on 25th December 2020.
5. The Sacrament of Marriage should be celebrated in accordance with the safety guidance in “Nothing can Separate us from the Love of God” with a maximum of 25 guests present and a maximum of 6 guests present from January 3rd 2021.
6. For the Sacrament of Baptism, Sacrament of the Sick and the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confessions) please make contact with your local parish priest.
7. House visits should be by request only when there is an essential pastoral need and then with all the necessary health and safety procedures in place.
8. All gatherings for parish related activities are to be moved on-line.
9. Parish News Letters should continue to be published.
10. The celebration of First Confession/First Holy Communion and Confirmation should not take place.
11. An appropriate means for people to return their donation envelopes will be made available locally. Parishioners may also wish to donate to their parish using the online donation facility on the Clonfert Diocesan Website.
12. People may receive any clinically approved vaccine in good conscience. Please refer to the Irish Bishop’s statement, which is fully consistent with statement from the Vatican see