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Covid-19 Church Update – August 2022

(1) People with symptoms of Covid-19 should be encouraged not to attend liturgical services or parish gatherings.

(2) Face coverings/masks (over nose and mouth) while not mandatory are to be  encouraged for all liturgical services/parish gatherings.

(3) Please continue to provide and use sanitiser.

(4) Physical distancing is no longer required – however people are encouraged to continue to spread throughout the Church.

(5) For the moment, it is recommended to continue to replace the handshake as the sign of peace with a moment of silent prayer or a non-contact gesture such as a wave or bow.

(6) The continuation of the use of sanitiser before and after the distribution of communion and face coverings/masks by the minsters is to be encouraged.

(7) People should continue to receive communion in the hand.  However, priests are encouraged to make arrangements so that those who may wish to receive communion on the tongue may do so safely. This may involve, for example receiving communion at the end of the communion line or in the sacristy after Mass where adequate sanitising between communicants is possible.