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Synodal Pathway in our Diocese

On Sunday 17th October 2021, the Diocese of Clonfert marked the beginning of this historic period of walking and talking together – our Synodal Pathway.  Along with Bishop Michael, over 150 people took part in “A Pilgrim Walk” from the Burial Place of St Brendan to the Shrine of Our Lady of Clonfert.

During the last days of November and December 2021 we had four facilitated Zoom meetings on the Future of our Diocese and of our Parishes – one for clergy and one for each of the three deanery areas. Over one hundred and eighty people attended. As a follow on, a template and feedback sheet was sent to all parishes asking them to arrange a meeting of their Parish Pastoral Council/Parish Finance Committee or key parish people to discuss four questions and provide feedback.

The next phase of the Diocesan Synodal Process will build on the feedback given by parishes. This phase will involve the gathering together of a synodal pathway group and the surveying of the Diocese as a whole and the arrangement of in-person focus group meetings with a series of groups.  In March 2022 there was an opportunity for individuals to also be part of this phase of the process by adding your voice via an online survey.  This survey closed on 5th April – thank you sincerely to all who took the time to complete it.