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Diocese of Clonfert – November Remembrance of Our Dead 2020

On Sunday 1st November 2020 at 3pm from the Cathedral of St Brendan, Loughrea Bishop Michael will lead a service of Prayer to dedicate November as a month of prayer and remembrance for the dead and the bereaved. This will be live streamed on Similar prayer services will be celebrated in local parish churches.

There is a long established tradition of writing lists of our dead and placing them near the altar in our churches. Envelopes for this purpose are available from your local church. All those listed will be remembered at Mass throughout the month of November.

At the beginning of November your local Priest will privately bless the graves in each cemetery of the Parish. During the month of November you are encouraged to visit the graves of loved ones.

The short service below may be prayed while visiting the grave of a love or if this is not possible in your own home.

On Thursday 12th November 2020 at 11am Bishop Michael will celebrate Mass for all the deceased Bishops and Priests of the Diocese of Clonfert at the Cathedral of St Brendan, Loughrea. Join on line at

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